Your best ship management consultant located in Hong Kong, China, and Philippines

CPNSMC Group has own network in Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Cebu, where provide services such as ship management, new building supervision, crew training, supporting docking preparation/arrangement, attending shop test, onboard survey, and etc.


In addition, CPNSMC Group has Japanese, Chinese and Filipino ship management experts monitoring for marine & technical matters integrating with the experts by using our group network.

Your right choice for resting assure

CPNSMC Group has 2 ship management experts in China (Shanghai), and Philippines (Cebu), where you can count on “Full Ship Management Service” in order to protect your assets with the highest confidence.


Talking about our ship management services, we are using computerized ship management/monitoring system, and also employ Chinese and Filipino crew on board, and they are all qualified to meet your requirement.


Furthermore, we are running our in-house crew training center to enhance skill and knowledge of the crew, in order to maintain ship’s safety and protect your property.


When you are planning to build your ships in China or Philippines, and in Japan about 20 expert personnel will serve you the 1st class supervisions. Up to now, we have supervised for new buildings more than 100 ships in different types such as bulks, PCTCs, and Container Carriers.


Your best partner in attaining quality ships and safer voyage.


Our Company Structure

CPN Shipmanagement Consulting (H.K.) Ltd. (CPNSMC) Head Quarter

  • CPN Frontier (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Shanghai (CPNF)

    Ship Management/New Building Supervision

  • Astro Shipmanagement, Inc. Cebu/Philippine (ASMI)

    Ship Management/New Building Supervision